LET'S BEGIN! Solar panels are scalable. Your group may prefer to manage one larger project on a local building or help facilitate many residences to put solar on their roofs. FOR YOUR COMMUNITY SOLAR PROJECT DO YOU WANT TO HAVE? Multiple household hosts Darebin Solar $aver www.positivecharge.com.au Contact Positive Charge Mid to large individual site DO YOU WANT TO GENERATE RETURNS FOR INVESTORS? No Donation based models Donation models raise funds to pay for the installation of renewable energy typically on community organisations. The economic benefits can either be partially recouped by the facilitating organisationto fund similar projects or are provided to the host organisations in savings on their electricity bill. these projects don't provide a return to investors. Often the donations can be tax-deductible. DO YOU WANT FINANCIAL BENEFITS TO BE RETAINED BY THE HOST SITE OR ALSO REINVSETED IN NEW PROJECTS? The host site and invested in new projects CORENA Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia www.corenafund.org.au The host site only DO YOU WANT TO WORK WITH A CLEAN ENERGY DEVELOPER TO DELIVER YOUR PROJECT? Yes The People's Solar www.thepeoplessolar.com No Clean Energy for Eternity www.cleanenergyforeternity.net.au Yes Investment based model WHAT SIZE OF SOLARSYSTEM IS SUITABLE FOR THE POTENTIAL HOST SITE? Suitable size for solar installation is influenced by space available, host site preferences, the scale of the project a group wants and the associated economics. In the current policy environment only medium (~20-100kW) and large (>400kW) community solar projects will stack up. The 'sweet spot' of 20-100kW on medium energy using sites, strikes a balance between limiting exports, and offsetting a high retail price. However, for large sites a bigger system with more investors is better. Large projects need economies of scale to be financially viable, (at least 400kWs). See Host Site Check List and Community Solar Overview for explanation. Large Above 400kW Sydney Renewable Power Company Note this model isn't yet operating, but the legal and technical work can be used in other communities www.sydneyrenewable.com Medium Less than 100kW HOW MANY INVESTORS ARE YOU SEEKING? More than 20 investors No currently operational models There is significant interest in cooperatives models that may facilitate more than 20 investors in a 100+kW project. However, none are currently in operation for solar. Examples exist for other technologies, i.e. Hepburn wind. Less than 20 investors DO MEMBERS WANT TO BE INVOLVED IN DELIVERING THE PROJECT If you answer no, it means that your group would still be involved, however the level of effort and specialist skills needed would be lower. Your group would be involved in recruiting investors in the project and finding good host sites, but most of the technical, administrative, legal and financial set up is done for you under the ClearSky Solar Investments model. Yes DOES THE GROUP HAVE OR HAVE ACCESS TO SKILLS AND RESOURCES? Yes REP Shoalhaven www.repower.net.au No Work in partnership with to deliver their model This partnership approach has not been tested but groups are in conversation with REPower to adopt the model in their communities. REPower Shoalhaven is exploring the provision of support services (at cost) to provide core advice and administrative functions to make the process easier for groups. www.repower.net.au No DO YOU HAVE A PREFERRED INSTALLER/ PARTNER? You may have a good relationship with an existing or local installer which would preclude you from directly using the ClearSky Solar Investments model. The CSSI model has an agreement in place with a commercial solar developer for all the solar installation and maintenance services done under the ClearSky banner. Yes Work with ClearSky Solar Investments to expand their model www.clearskysolar.com.au There is potential to work with CSSI to adopt their model using other installer partners, As CSSI already has an agreement with an installation company, this option would involve your group adapting the existing templates and administrative tools for a new commercial solar developer. While this model is marked as hypothetical, it is likely that this option would more quickly advance to maturity than other untested models. No ClearSky Solar Investments (CSSI) www.clearskysolar.com.au Community Solar Projects Decision Guide May 2015 The decision points in this diagram represent some of the questions and choices groups will need to answer and address in setting up a community energy project. Being clear on these decisions, choices and associated constraints will help determine which is the most suitable model for your group. You may find that your unique local context requires adapting an existing model, or, if your group is really dedicated, even developing and testing a new one! TO UNDERSTANDING HOW THESE MODELS HAVE BEEN DEPLOYED Successful model with multiple projects in operation Refinement and stream- lining of an existing model. Model has already been piloted through a now operating project Model is being testsed through a pilot project Hypotehtical model - not operating. No viable models currently known about or operating KEY Click "Let's Begin" to start navigating through the decision guide. You'll be asked a series of questions where you can click on your answer to guide you to a model that suits your needs.