//text elements //TEXT PHASE01 > Show header ThE MaRgINaL ABatemEnT CoSt curVe: a sKetCHy LitTlE guIDe //TEXT PHASE02 > show axist labels cost pEr uNit of Abatement EMissions ABATEMENT //TEXT PHASE03 > show axist labels and block/option description each BLOcK rePREseNTS an Option FOR REDUCING EMISSIONS //TEXT PHASE04 > show detail of how to read blocks The height AND Position OF eACH block EiTher Below or ABOVe tHe X-Axis, SHows the "COST Per unit of abatement" The WIDTH OF A block SHows the Emissions abatement potential of the option //TEXTPHASE05 > show detail of how to read blocks EACH Option ADdS To tHE total aBatEment, wHICH IS USUALLY SHown on a COnSISTENT TIME BASIS LIKe EMISsONS PER YEAR - bEcAuSE PRoJECtS GENERAlLY reDuCE eMISSIONS OVER DIFFERENT TIMEFRAMES.. //TEXT PHASE06 > show beneficial / costly option labels BENFeICIAl Options COSTLY Options //TEXT PHASE07 > show beneficial / costly option descriptions ALL of these OPtIONS ARE PredICteD TO Be Financial BenefiTs. THey Save you money once you take into account all their costs and benefits over its lifetime. Visually THey have a "NEgative" COst Per UnIt and are positioned 'Below' the x-axis these OPtIONS hAVE a NET Cost To AbatE emiSsIONs. ALL things COnsidered - Financially at least - It's EXPECted ThaT Their costs Will Outweight THeir benefits over THe life OF thE opTiOn. Visually THey have a "Positive" COst Per Unit and are positioned 'ABOVE' the x-axis //TEXT PHASE08 > four part reveal of prioritisation labels and text PriorITisATION OPTIONs....By COST Lowest cost HIGHEST COst THe chaRT puTS Options IN orDEr (left to Right) oF "COst Per UNit". So the cheApeSt options are oN the left, and as yOu move rIGht and "add" more abATement, you ALWays COme Across the Option with the NeXT lowest Cost - this IS tHe "MARginal Cost" And puTs The "M" in Macc. So In THeory Its CHeApest TO Start with Those options On the LEFt BEFore MOving RIght. ANything BelOW the Line (i.e. The X-AXIS) is FINAnciALLY BenEFIcIal - FOr EConomic-y and FinANCe Types, it hAS A Positive rate of REturn ANd A Positive Net Present Value., GEnerally these Look like Pretty Good investments. THe Rest of the OPtions have a "Cost", ANd ITs a COst you might BE williING to PAY, EsPeciAlly If you think Reducing EMissions and Saving the PLanet is Worth SOMething!!!! //narrative text PHASE09 > four part reveal of questions SO IS THIS WHY We'RE DOing This... TO MAke BETtEr DecISIONS? RIGHT? AND is thAT WhAT I'M SEEING HERE? but WHAT AM I NOT SEEING!?? //line drawing SVG elements